What to Do When Your Buyers Can’t Find What They Like


As a real estate agent, you can enjoy big benefits working with a luxury builder (at Calvis Wyant, we pay commission to referring agents). Furthermore, your clients need you when building a home.

After all, most people are unfamiliar with the complexities of the building process. You provide an advantage because you can give guidance, while protecting their best interests.

Remember, your clients already have a relationship with you — not the builder.

That being said …

Don’t worry about calming concerns or uneasiness about the building process. Any experienced builder should walk your clients through the steps to consider before building.

They’ll explain lot selection, design parameters, floor plans, finishes, fixtures and everything else in between.

By the time your client learns everything involved, they’ll know whether building a home seems like fun or an unwelcomed hassle.

The good news is, you win either way!

You see, if building from scratch seems exciting, no home on the market will satisfy your client. So you’ll save time by bringing a builder into the mix, and you’ll still make commission.

If building from scratch seems exhausting, your client will be more willing to make compromises and reconsider one of the many homes you’ve already showed them.

Again, both scenarios work to your advantage.

The bottom line: Your goal is to give clients information about the marketplace and inventory, so they feel comfortable making a decision about their home. Introducing your clients to an award-winning luxury builder who is established in the local community is simply an extension of this objective.

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