6 Common Misconceptions About Building a Custom Home

Choosing a builder for your custom luxury home is a big undertaking. And if you’ve done your research, you might be stuck trying to choose between a design-build and design-bid-build model.

Making the correct choice starts by debunking some common myths.

6 Misconceptions about Custom Home Building

Myth #1 If you work with a design-build firm, you lose flexibility.

The best design-build process is meticulous, which means thinking through every detail of your new home before a single shovel hits the dirt.

While it may seem like that limits your flexibility, it actually gives you more.

First, with Calvis Wyant, you have all the flexibility in the world at the beginning of the process. And we manage every expert in-house—the best contractors, architects, interior designers, and more—to ensure you get all the details right from the get-go.

Our process mitigates the need to make decisions in the field but gives you the option to make changes along the way. Once construction is underway, you can always review and approve final decisions.

Myth #2 You should choose an architect first.

This myth comes from the traditional design-bid-build model. Here, an architect designs your home, then finds a builder to bring it to life. This model sounds reasonable, but it’s problematic in a couple of ways.

First, design-bid-build naturally puts everyone in a race to the bottom regarding costs and, therefore, quality.

Second, this model forces a builder to take an architect’s plans at face value without checking them against your goals. An experienced builder may give you input you wish you’d had earlier—before your plans were complete and, therefore, expensive to alter.

At Calvis Wyant, we guide you through the entire process in the correct order, so you get exactly what you want and need, without having to amend and do things over a second time.

One more thing about architects: Different architects have preferences, styles, and ways of working. We know the best of the best, and we can help you choose the right team for your home.

Myth #3 You need three bids (at least) to avoid overpaying.

This is another design-bid-build myth. Your architect seeks out at least three competitive bids for you, and you choose the offer you prefer (often the cheapest).

Here’s the truth: Without complete plans for your build—which come later in the process—the best a builder can do is offer a guesstimate of costs using allowances. So what happens if the allowance they included for your kitchen cabinets doesn’t match your preferences? You pay the difference, of course. Which means their initial bid is meaningless.

Additionally, only focusing on the best price means you’ll inevitably compromise on quality. You’ll end up paying more on the back end for change requests or to fix things to your liking because the subcontractors, materials, and construction installation were only sort of OK—instead of top-notch.

Myth #4 Design-build firms only specialize in one style.

The right firm can build anything, flexing to your needs and preferences. And with the right team of architect, interior designer, and builder all working together from the start, you can make the space your own from top to bottom.

With Calvis Wyant, you can design and build exactly the home you want—and have the time of your life doing it. Check out our gallery of homes.

Myth #5 I can get whatever I want from an architectural firm alone.

You can get whatever you want… but you might regret not getting what you need instead. That’s why we feel obligated to tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear—which saves you money.

If we have a concern about something, we’ll tell you upfront so you can make informed decisions before a course correction costs you time and money. When builders and architects work together, conversations happen sooner and extra costs and potential disappointments can be avoided.

Myth #6 Your relationship with your builder ends when you move in.

It shouldn’t. You’ll want things changed, maintained, and renovated over the lifetime of your home. We recognize this is a natural part of homeownership, and we’re here for it. Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes never walks away—and neither do our contractors. Working with us means having an ally for your home for life.

We know how much your home means to you.

So we leave nothing to chance. Give us a call at 480-905-0200 to start a conversation about your new home.

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