What is it like to live in a lush, resort-style home that gives one the feel of an extended vacation without extraneous travel? This Bali Inspired home is the ideal case in point.

Designed by Gary Wyant, this sprawling, 5,900-square-foot luxury home in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a combination of modern aesthetics, a wide-open floor plan, indoor-outdoor integration, swaths of natural light and tropical accents incorporated in an elegantly understated way.

The homeowners—young, successful entrepreneurs who needed to move closer to the city for the sake of their business—had a very specific vision in mind for their new custom house. They found the perfect solution to their situation in an established neighborhood with tree-lined streets. The building site contained an older, tear-down house that was removed to make way for their new single-story house, that’s as luxurious as its idyllic surroundings in Scottsdale.

In terms of home style, the homeowner wanted a Balinese or tropical influence. Traditionally, Balinese architecture features an abundance of organic materials, such as bamboo, stone, brick, coconut wood and tweak wood. Contemporary Balinese-style homes often marry the traditional aesthetic principles, which promote harmony with the environment, and undeniably modern technology and design elements.

A plan was developed to effectively capture this distinct aesthetic for our clients. We started with high ceilings and an open floor plan that creates a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor living spaces, which is enjoyed by the family on a daily basis but also makes the home more conducive to entertaining and hosting large gatherings. Walls of retractable windows allow the interior to be regularly bathed in natural light, further emphasizing the tropical undertone. Meanwhile, luxurious natural materials were used throughout the home in accordance with Balinese interior design featuring a contemporary twist.

The home spaces were designed to be aesthetically pleasing and embody the sleek, clean minimalism associated with the modern style without treading into the realm of sterile and uninviting. Our mission was to design and build a customized upscale home that didn’t sacrifice function and comfort.

Several of the spaces incorporate statement light fixtures, unique furniture, crisp lines and pops of eye-catching colors that are decidedly modern. A basement game room provides a designated place for the kids to gather and their friends to play freely and comfortably while keeping the rest of the house uncluttered.

Both kids and adults have ample space to play outside in a stunning backyard that extends the Balinese theme. This exterior entertainment hub features deep, covered patios and a large seated bar, along with a refreshing pool, considerable grass, and a bocce ball court. A reflecting pond nestled between the pool and the Great Room patio, combined with sizable palm trees rising prominently from the landscape to complement the property’s tropical ambience. According to the homeowners, there’s no need to leave town when it’s time to take a vacation.