How Do You Find The Right Arizona Luxury Home Builder?

Arizona Luxury Home Builder

It’s no secret that building a custom luxury home is a complex undertaking. You’re designing and constructing a one-of-a-kind home from the ground up. The overall process involves hundreds of decisions over the course of several months.

Your family can have a rewarding and fun experience building their Arizona home. Having the right luxury home builder at your side ensures that designing your home and selecting the right finishes, fixtures and equipment for how you want to live will be just as rewarding as living in the home you create. The first step is finding a company that can build a home tailored to your needs and also has the systems and organization to make the endeavor enjoyable. 


Putting together an initial list of custom home builders that could potentially take on your project isn’t hard. Any online search will yield dozens of results for contractors in the Scottsdale area. 

The important issue is knowing what to look for in terms of a company’s unique approach, processes, and qualifications. What fundamental attributes should your custom home builder possess? Here are a few key characteristics that can help you identify the best luxury builder for your project: 

1. They Understand the Local Market 

When you’re creating a custom home, you want to work with a builder that keeps your long-term equity in mind. While the upfront cost of your new home build is an important consideration, it’s only part of the equation when you’re considering the equity you hope to create. The long-term return on your investment depends on building a home with lasting value. By having a strong understanding of the local market and what features are popular, an experienced home builder will help you avoid creating a home that would be a difficult sell in the future. For example, you personally may not mind having your master bedroom located upstairs or having a few steps in the floor plan, but there’s a strong aversion to both in the Scottsdale market. Keeping these and other details in mind while designing your home will help you develop an asset that will be more valuable years later. 

2. They prioritize long term value over initial cost-cutting 

Along the same lines, best luxury home builders for you will prioritize long-term value for their clients. That means no shortcuts during construction and selecting long-lasting finishes and materials that will require minimal maintenance. The right builder can guide you to high-quality selections and features that may cost more up front but yield greater overall value. For example, a residential-grade stucco system may work fine for your initial construction, but it won’t have the longevity and durability of synthetic stucco used for office buildings and on some higher-end homes. Better materials and construction techniques will avoid having to fix cracks and repaint in just a few years, and the same idea holds true for many other parts of your new home’s construction.

3. They are In the Business of finding land 

Finding a luxury home builder who can double as your real estate agent (if you don’t have one already) to help you acquire the right site for your new custom home is a practical decision. A builder who understands your vision and lifestyle can point you toward properties that fit the bill. Builders also understand the building difficulties and potential costs of developing a particular site that may not be apparent to a non-builder real estate agent. This can be especially helpful if you’re building your new Arizona home from out of state or out of the country.

4. they can help you identify your priorities

You might be starting out with just general ideas for your new custom home or you may have already narrowed down numerous specifics. Either way you’ll want a luxury builder who can offer valuable guidance as you refine your vision for the project and identify priorities. There are hundreds of decisions to make when it comes to the process of building a custom home. The numerous decisions can be overwhelming unless you hire a team with systems to help you figure out what’s most important without overlooking the smallest details.

5. they artfully manage the pre-construction process

Before you break ground on a custom home, there is a copious amount of work that needs to take place. Your budget, timeline, and the level of satisfaction you derive from the process, as well as the home itself, will be determined by the guidance you receive during the pre-construction phase. It’s critical to find a luxury builder who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and organized. With their knowledge of the industry and local environment, they can keep you from making unintended mistakes. Also, the right builder can point you toward viable alternatives that capture the goals of your original ideas but may be more cost-effective or practical. A competent, experienced home builder will be more than willing to share their insight about the cost or performance of certain features to help you make informed decisions when designing your new house and deciding how to spend your money.

6. They help you maintain your home 

Dozens of vendors, subcontractors, and tradespeople will contribute to your project. Your home builder is responsible for selecting and coordinating work between those various external entities. Decisions on who works on your home must be made with ultimate care and consideration as your home is an important investment both emotionally and financially. The right luxury builder for you is one who works only with experienced, reputable trades that operate with best business practices and adhere to highest standards of quality and professionalism.

7. They are picky about who they hire

Under Arizona law, there is an eight-year implied warranty of workmanship and habitability. During that time, you can ask your home builder to correct any faulty construction. It’s even better if your home builder goes above and beyond that minimum standard of repair. Calvis Wyant’s Touch Point home maintenance program can take care of the maintenance and upkeep for as long as you own your Calvis Wyant home. You can enjoy your new home worry free and leave changing the furnace filters and mowing the grass to us!

Finding the right builder for your luxury home

Building a luxury home with the right custom home builder by your side is a uniquely rewarding experience for you and your family. At Calvis Wyant, our goal is to make the complicated process of home building simple, efficient, and enjoyable. We understand that your home is your sanctuary and the centerpiece of daily life. Everyone on our team is devoted to the highest level of care, craftsmanship, and service possible – that’s the only way we work.  Your project is always our project throughout its design, construction, and maintenance for as long as you own your Calvis Wyant home.

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